What up with ouatup?

OUATUP is the world’s first diversity and inclusion incubator and accelerator program aimed to democratize filmmaking and storytelling. Inspired by and modeled after a startup accelerator, we are on a mission to accelerate and showcase the next generation of innovative multimedia content ideas and concepts.


The untold story

Disrupting filmmaking and storytelling

The pandemic has dealt a terrible blow to the creative economy industries — including film, television, music, and fashion which generate annual revenues of $2.25 trillion and employ more than 30 million people globally. Meanwhile, technology advancements, such as blockchain, NFTs, streaming, etc, are democratizing both the production and distribution of content.

The Metaverse or Virtual reality might be considered the ‘it’ storytelling medium of the future but there’s one tool that we haven’t even fully tapped into yet and it’s (probably) what you’re reading this on right now: your smartphone.

The options available to us through our smartphones are limitless and especially with the advancement of 5G and other related technologies.

From documenting the breaking news to the impromptu breakdancing, our phones have especially revolutionized what accountability and accessibility looks like and empowered the average person to capture their surroundings.

But what about narrative storytelling? The smartphone is paving the way for a new breed of filmmakers, who either can’t afford expensive film equipment or just dig the ease of pointing and filming with their phones. This hurdle is even more acute in the developing world. Every person itching to tell a good story probably doesn’t have the budget for all the bells and whistles that come with a slick Hollywood production.

Smartphones are a game-changer in the world of film and content creation. In an age where entire features have been shot on iPhones, such as award-winning films Tangerine and 9 Rides, it is clear that the device in our pockets is a powerful tool for any creative or filmmaker to unleash his/her potential.

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